Date Activity Location Time Change NOTE:
9/13/2023 Icebreakers/games, pizza UMCMV
9/20/2023 Praise and worship, walking tacos UMCMV
9/27/2023 Journey boards, sloppy joes, chips, and cookies (MJMcW) UMCMV
10/4/2023 Movie, popcorn&pretzels UMCMV (1stP) 6:30 – 8:30
10/11/2023 Night Hike, hamburgers&smores Palisades Kepler State Park 7:30 – 9:00
10/18/2023 Mundo Guardado/service, pupusas UMCMV (1stP)
10/25/2023 Family Feud, cereal/breakfast UMCMV (1stP)
11/1/2023 AirFX Hiawatha 6:00 – 8:00
11/8/2023 Yoga, walking tacos Seeds of Faith Lisbon
11/15/2023 Field day, hotdogs&chips Seeds of Faith Lisbon
11/29/2023 Magical night prep, chili/potato bar UMCMV



UMCMV = United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon in Fellowship Hall

The church’s address is 304 1st St SW, Mount Vernon.

Entrances to Fellowship Hall include door in center of parking lot as well as door across from bank parking lot. 


CONTACT: If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please email us at (for the United Methodist Church) or (for the First Presbyterian Church).


Permissions Form 2023-24

Info Form 2023-24 

As always, we encourage youth to come when they can, not just at the start time, and they are more than welcome to bring friends. We welcome all the youth from our community!

Also, did you know we are on social media?

You can follow our pages at

 Facebook and 


These pages will include updates and pictures.

Also, for activities away from the churches, we will need the youth’s Outings Permission Form. We have included the link to that form, as well as the link to our other forms, below.

Outings Permission Slip

Minor Photo Release Agreement


 Veronica Fisher, UMCMV Youth Director 
(319)270-2446 Feel Free to text or call