Since we can’t be together, check out these Sunday School ideas and resources to enjoy your own “at home” Sunday School with your family.



  • Find a comfortable spot where your family can gather together.

  • Start with your favorite Christian music or watch this week’s UMCMV Children’s Sermon.

    (links to music and this week’s Young Disciples Message can be found on main COVID-19 Page)(Previous weeks Young Disciples Messages can be found HERE)

  • Ask your children to tell you what we do each week to prepare for the lesson:

    • Light a candle. Ask your children why we do this…to invite God and Jesus, the Light of the World, to be with us. It reminds us that God is always present with us.  
    • Share Highs and Lows. Pass a cross or special object around so each member of your family can share a high and/or low from the week.  Finish with a prayer thanking God for being with us through all these highs and lows.  Ask Him to help us all be grateful, strong, patient, and safe through all we face in the next week.
    • Share a Bible story. Use your favorite Bible or watch Deep Blue videos.
    • Enjoy a Bible Lesson Activity– see suggestions below. We love the variety of playing games, making crafts, having quiet time to connect with God, and, of course, sharing snacks!
    • Close with a family prayer.



May God bless your time together!