Fall of 2018 we are focused on nurturing our prayer life. If you are participating the prayer challenge, here is information about it- HERE! 


Prayer is a powerful thing and we know our connection with God grows when you pray daily. If you have a prayer partner, be in prayer for their health, their faith to grow and their support from God to be experienced.

If you don’t, why not pray for 2 people you haven’t seen in a while and 2 people who are in your church family?


We are having regular prayer events including a prayer gathering at

Bertram UMC coming up on October 30 at 6 pm.


Prayer Gathering Tuesday, Oct. 30th

at 6:00 PM Bertram UMC

211 Angle St., Bertram, IA
(right off of HWY 13 where it is close to HWY 30)

Sponsored by Bertram, Lisbon & Mt. Vernon UMCs


With such busy lives, it is so easy to forget to take time for prayer. But by doing so, we can grow our faith and our connection to our loving god.


A few simple ways to add prayer to your life include:


Never underestimate the power of prayer!
Never underestimate the power of prayer!